Future Events

* Continuing classes (Please see our class schedule for details.)

* July 8-12, 2018 International Society for Music Education (ISME) MISTEC Pre-Conference Wudang Wellness Presentation in Prague, Czech Republic.

* August 2019 Wudang Wellness Training Trip to Wudangshan, China (Please contact us for trip details.)

Past Events

June 2, 2018 Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) Conference at the University of South Florida Wudang Wellness presents East Meets West: Integrative Medicine for the Performing Artist

May 5, 2018 Washington Taichi Society Festival at the Jefferson Memorial Wudang Wellness Demonstration

July 2017 Wudang Wellness Training Trip to Wudangshan, China 

April 29, 2017 Washington Taiji Festival and Forum Wudang Wellness Performance and Forum Presentation "Martial Artist Health: Just What the Doctor Ordered from East and West"

July 2016 International Society for Music Education (ISME) International Conference in Glasgow, Scotland Wudang Wellness workshop presentation

April 25, 2015 Washington Taiji Festival Wudang Wellness Demonstration Performance

April 24, 2015 Taiji Forum Wudang Wellness lecture "The Historic Roots and Current Day Practice of Wudang Taiji

May 11, 2014 Washington Taiji Forum 8:30am-5:00pm University of Maryland, St. Mary's Hall Room 0105, College Park, MD Wudang Wellness lecture "Coming Down the Mountain"

May 3, 2014 Washington Taichi Festival Performance

March 14, 2014 ICMAC Tournament in Pittsburg, PA.  (Wudang Wellness will support this tournament by serving as judging officials in the taichi ring.)

February 22&23, 2014 Taiwan Consulate Demonstration at the Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW Washington, DC

July 5-7, 2013 Competition Demonstration at the USAWKF National Championships sponsored by Master Jiang Bang Jun


May 26, 2013 Competition Demonstration at the New Jersey International Wushu-Kungfu Tournament sponsored by Master Zhao Changjun

Wudang Wellness board member Stephanie Mayer-Sattin was proud to participate in the annual New Jersey International Wushu-Kungfu Tournament.  Ms. Mayer-Sattin entered two events and was honored to receive two gold medals for her demonstrations.

May 10, 2013 Washington Taichi Forum Lecture Presentation at the University of Maryland


April 27-28, 2013 Tai Chi Festival at Black Hills Regional Park

Wudang Wellness Director of Education, Stephanie Mayer-Sattin, gave a tai chi demonstration at the Black Hills Regional Park   Wudang Wellness is proud to be a co-sponsor of this event.  For more information about this event, please see the China Daily article web address listed below:



April 17, 2013 Wudang Martial Arts Demonstration for the Washington International Club, Inc. hosted by Mrs. Zhou Huiting, wife of Republic of China Ambassador King Pu-tsung, at Twin Oaks in Washington, DC

Wudang Wellness board members Dr. Lien Jun Lee and Stephanie Mayer-Sattin demonstrated Wudang martial arts forms for guests of Mrs. Zhou Huiting that included ambassador's wives and personnel from embassies representing a variety of different nations.  For more information on this event, please see the World Journal article web address listed below:



February 22, 2013 Music and Martial Arts:             
A Marriage of Breath and Awareness for the           Professional Musician                                            

Maryland Music Educators Association Conference Baltimore, MD

Presented by Stephanie Mayer-Sattin, music educator and 16th generation disciple of the Wudang San Feng Pai 

Fifteen emails, ten urgent phone calls, one irate parent of a music student, three parts to write before rehearsal, one hour to complete everything, and now as a musician, you walk on stage and must create art. Does this sound familiar? In our high-tech world, with life pulling us from all directions, focusing on how we prepare ourselves becomes even more essential. By what means do we as musicians train ourselves to leave the hectic pace of our lives and make ready for the task of performing music? How do we balance our lives and bring our health under control?

Just as a Chinese scroll painting unfurls surrounded by a moat of fine paper or silk to prepare the art lover for the experience of appreciating the painting, musicians must develop a moat to prepare their mind and body for the art they create. To quiet the mind and open the creative self, the musician’s brain needs assistance to shift from beta waves which are prevalent during stress and problem solving, to alpha waves which are present when humans are at their most creative. One of the activities that encourage this brainwave shift can be found in the meditative nature of martial arts. The discipline of the Chinese martial arts forms of Tai Chi and Qigong have been a vehicle for bringing mind and body back into balance for centuries and now, since the opening up of Wudang Taoist martial arts in the 1980’s, forms that were once taught only in secrecy are available for the world to learn for the first time. American music educator Stephanie Mayer-Sattin, trained by 15th-generation, San Feng Sect Taoist martial arts Master Yuan Xiu Gang, provides workshops in Wudang Tai Chi and Qigong for musicians both in the US and abroad.


February 4, 2013 Wudang Martial Arts Workshops

Wudang Wellness is proud to sponsor Wudang martial artist Master Zhou Xuan Yun in private lesson opportunities open to the public. 

For more information, please contact: wudangwellness@gmail.com


February 3, 2013 Closed Meeting for Wudang Martial Artists

Wudang Wellness will hold a closed meeting for Wudang martial artists to discuss the promotion of Wudang martial arts in the United States.  Attendance is by invitation only.


February 2, 2013 Wudang Warriorship Training

Wudang Wellness is proud to sponsor Wudang warriorship training open to the public on February 2, 2013 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at Tasly Pharmaceuticals in the FileTek Building, 9400 Key West Avenue, Rockville MD.  Featured masters include Wudang martial arts master and Daoist priest Zhou Xuan Yun who will teach the rare "old style" Wudang 108 tai chi form.  Instructional videos of this form and other Wudang forms will be on sale.

A Master's Demonstration Expo during the training day will feature Calligrapher Bertrand Mao, Grand Master Bai Wenxiang, Grand Master Nick Gracenin, Grand Master David Herberts, Master J. Teasley, 16th generation San Feng Pai disciples Michael VolleroCorey Hopp and Ben Conway, along with Dr. Lee Lien Jun who will discuss Wudang Warriorship and Chinese medicine.

On site registration begins at 9:30am.  Space is limited so advanced registration is recommended.  "Old School" martial arts DVD's will also be on sale.  Proceeds from film sales will be donated to Wudang Wellness, Inc. education and scholarship programs.

Directions:  From 495 Capital Beltway take 270 north to West Mongtomery Avenue West exit.  West Montgomery Avenue becomes Key West Avenue.  After the intersection with Shady Grove Road, 9400 Key West is the first left and the building is the first building on the left.  Look for the red pyramid of Tasley Pharmaceuticals on the front door.


February 1, 2013 A Lecture/Demonstration by Wudang Master Zhou Xuan Yun 

Wudang Wellness is proud to sponsor Wudang 15th Generation San Feng Pai Master and Daoist Priest, Master Zhou Xuan Yun to give a lecture/demonstration at the United States Library of Congress from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm on February 1, 2013.  This event is free and open to the public.  At the conclusion of the lecture, Master Zhou will represent the Wudang San Feng Pai in giving a donation of photographs, videos, and writings documenting the work and heritage of collected from numerous Wudang San Feng Pai masters and disciples.

For more information, please contact: wudangwellness@gmail.com


January 31, 2013 Chinese Embassy of Washington, DC Lunar New Year Celebration at the Meridian International Center highlighting the Martial Arts of Wudang Mountain

Wudang Wellness, Inc. is proud to sponsor Wudang martial artists that will be featured at the Chinese Embassy Lunar New Year Celebration.  Artist to be featured include 15th generation Wudang San Feng Pai martial artist, Master Zhou Xuan Yun along with 16th generation Wudang San Feng Pai disciples of Master Zhou and Master Yuan Xiu Gang.

This event is an invitation only formal celebration of the Chinese Embassy of Washington, DC.


April 20, 2012 Wudang Wellness at the University of Deleware "The Healing Power of Music and Taichi from the Qing Dynasty, Gore Recital Hall, Roselle Center for the Arts 1:25-3:00pm

April 20 & 21, 2012 Wudang Wellness performs in the Encounters IMusic 5 performance at the University of Deleware 8:00pm Mitchell Hall

March 2012 Wudang Wellness Training Trip to Wudangshan, China

August 8, 2010 International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference Wudang Wellness Workshop Presentation with Master Yuan Xiu Gang

July 2010 Wudang Wellness Training Trip to Wudangshan, China

January 28, 2010 Wudang Wellness sponsored lecture by Master Yuan Xiu Gang at the US Library of Congress

July 2009 Wudang Wellness Training Trip to Wudangshan, China


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